Lise Kristensen was born in Java, Indonesia 1934, of Norwegian parents. She wrote and published her memoirs in Norwegian, in 2003, wanting to inform her children and family about her terrifying experiences during the war: A child in prisoner-of-war-camps in Java 1943-1945. Her book The Blue Door is her extended version of this earlier memoir.

In November 1943 her father was arrested by Japanese soldiers. Some days later, Lise was arrested together with her mother and two younger siblings, a sister aged seven and a baby brother. As her mother became ill, Lise had to look after her family. They remained prisoners of war for more than two years. In November 1945 they left Indonesia and arrived in Norway,

In January 1946 Lise received basic education in Bergen, Norway, Commercial College in Munich, Germany and then returned to Oslo, Norway where she qualified and worked as a Secretary and Gymnastics Teacher. During the late seventies Lise studied art in England before taking up painting. She has exhibited and sold her work, mostly water colours, in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Japan, USA and England.

For health reasons Lise now lives in Alfaz del Pi, Spain with her husband. She receives a war pension.