Anne Zouroudi was born in Lincolnshire and grew up in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. For some years, she pursued a successful business career which included working in the US on New York’s Wall Street and in Denver, Colorado.

In the early 1990’s she opted out of the commercial world and moved to one of Greece’s beautiful islands, where she married a fisherman.

Anne is the creator of Hermes Diaktoros, an unconventional investigator whose origins are as much a puzzle as the mysteries he solves. Her Mysteries of the Greek Detective novels are based on the Seven Deadly Sins and though listed as crime novels and with crime at their heart, might more accurately be categorised as Morality Tales. All Anne’s books are inspired by Greece’s people, its culture and its myths.

Anne’s work has received wide critical acclaim. She has been nominated for two national prizes and her novel The Whispers of Nemesis won the 2011 East Midlands Book Award. She currently lives in Derbyshire’s Peak District.