Oskar Jensen’s ‘THE YELLING STONES’ to be published by Hot Key Books in April 2015

Oskar Jensen’s Danish heritage inspired him to write this Nordic fantasy set in the Danish court of Jelling.  Astrid, a Viking princess, and Leif, a brave poet must unravel the mysteries of their ancient land in order to protect it from a dangerous force.  Rich in historical detail, THE YELLING STONES echoes Rosemary Sutcliffe’s classic storytelling and Rick Riordan’s sense of adventure. Oskar has spent the past seven years at Oxford, reading three successive degrees in History, and is now a post-doctoral researcher in the Music Department of King’s College London.

Emma Matthewson of Hot Key Books said: “Witches, wolves, trolls, gods, spirits – Oskar Jensen has created a richly visual, rip-roaringly paced and thrilling tale set in Denmark, that brings to life the Vikings and Norse myth just as Rosemary Sutcliffe brought Roman Britain alive for her readers. With Oskar’s writing you can smell the smoke from the the hall fires and see the glint of gold in the firelight. A thrilling, spellbinding read.”

Oskar Jensen says: “I wrote The Yelling Stones because of two stones I once saw standing in a Danish graveyard. This is a world of beauty and of poetry, magic and death all mixed together. It’s a world that really existed, and it thrills me to the core that I get to share it.”

THE YELLING STONES will be published in paperback in April 2015