Anne Zouroudi’s The Doctor of Thessaly publishes to great reviews in the US

Anne Zouroudi’s The Doctor of Thessaly was published in the US in December by Little Brown and has received some fantastic reviews.

In the latest instalment of the Mysteries of the Greek Detective, Hermes must solve a brutal crime that the victim does not want solving, thwart the petty machinations of the town’s ex-mayor and his cronies and pour oil on the troubled waters of a sisters’ relationship. The Doctor of Thessaly is a gripping, darkly enchanting tale of envy, revenge and retribution, set against a sparkling Mediterranean backdrop and served up with a splash of ouzo.

According to The Christian Science Monitor “Zouroudi’s well-written series will charm anyone who’s ever visited a Greek island … While Diaktoros may prefer Greek coffee to bush tea, Alexander McCall Smith fans should definitely consider a trip to the Mediterranean.” The Washington Post says “This unassuming novel is rich in wonderfully compressed scenes…Zouroudi creates suspense as elegantly as she does atmosphere” and Publishers Weekly describes it as “Sophisticated classic mystery. The Wall Street Journal review adds “ In The Messenger of Athens and The Taint of Midas, previously published in this series, Ms. Zouroudi proved herself as adept as Agatha Christie in diverting the reader’s attention. She does so here as well, and her conclusion provides an appropriate sense of catharsis. Yet what lingers longest is the book’s evocation of a timeless Greece.”